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Orange Care Body Dryer 641323f81befb - Video Fab

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    Orange Care Body Dryer 641323f81befb

    Orange Care Body Dryer 641323f81befb

    Orange Care Body Dryer 641323f81befb

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    Numéro de dossier 641323f81befb

    Nom du produit: Orange Care Body Dryer
    Ref du produit: Body Dryer

    Type de produit: Senior
    Acteur: Femme

    Style du titrage: Lufa
    Couleur des titrages: Noir
    Titrages 1: Body Dryer
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    Animation: Reveal
    Musique: Sunset

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    Points clés du produit: The body dryer uses a powerful airflow to quickly dry your skin after showering or swimming.
    A comfortable and hygienic solution for drying your body
    The dryer saves energy compared to a towel or hair dryer
    Easy to install and operate thanks to the touch screen display
    Choose the desired setting yourself with warm or normal air
    The air dryer uses negative ions that ensure that oxygen can be better absorbed by the body
    Removable silicone mat for easy cleaning

    Consignes spéciales: you can push the button with your toes, 3 speeds, extra touch item will get warmer or go faster

    of course if somebody gets out of the shower